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  • Chris Lin and Brock of yummertime morning routine vlog on YouTube shirtless in their kitchen

    our new morning routine in Los Angeles

    We’re a couple days late in posting this, but better late than never! Wake up and workout with us in our first ever morning routine vlog in Los Angeles. Highlights include: who does the…

    April 16, 2021
  • yummertime New York City apartment tour Chelsea Manhattan vlog

    our NYC home tour

    In the spirit of better late than never, welcome to our apartment in New York City! This is our NYC home tour vlog. And the first time we’ve ‘officially’ welcomed you all into our…

    January 14, 2021
  • Mallorca

    Who Are They?

    Category is: book cover options for the latest romance novel by Danielle Steele, “The Pool Boy.” We forgot to share some snaps we took a few weeks back in Mallorca, primarily to highlight some…

    September 24, 2019
  • Nike Be True 2019

    Be True

    All opinions are our own, in partnership with NIKE BeTrue. Let’s real talk for a moment. It’s easy to get caught up, measuring a company’s support for the LGBTQ+ community surrounding a time like…

    June 18, 2019
  • Yummertime wearing Levis 501s with Mickey Mouse and Peanuts Gang prints

    A National Holiday Worth Celebrating, It’s 501® Day

    In partnership with Levi’s and ShopStyle. Make no mistake, we love any reason to celebrate holidays. New Year’s, Halloween, Thanksgiving, National Donut Day, National Pizza Day, National Cheeseburger Day… And now, Levi’s 501® Day,…

    May 18, 2019