Who Are They?

September 24, 2019

Category is: book cover options for the latest romance novel by Danielle Steele, “The Pool Boy.”

We forgot to share some snaps we took a few weeks back in Mallorca, primarily to highlight some of our favorite brands right now, wearing R. SWIADER, PRJCT AMS, and Vilebrequin. But, also because, nothing says ‘perfect vacation’ quite like a photoshoot just the two of us, begging the questions:

Who are they? Is this their first time meeting? What’s going to happen next?!

Chris is wearing: Vilebrequin pants

Brock is wearing: R.SWIADER tee / PRJCT AMS pants / Jacquemus ‘le pitchou’ mini coin purse

Yummertime in Spain
Things to do in Mallorca

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