Men's Cyber Monday Bonobos Sale

The holidays are in full swing… and so too are THE DEALS.

And don’t you worry, no need to be shy ?? We know this is what you’re all here for. Beginning with 35% site-wide on Bonobos and in Bonobos Guideshops throughout all of Cyber Monday.

As always, consider us your trusted confidante, your fearless leader, your “in another reality, trustworthy Gallup poll” for all things worthy of spending your money on when the holidays hit hard.

This time around, we’re going deep on wool cashmerecar coats, and robots and skiier motifs. Beginning with the two wool cashmere coats we’re wearing in the image above.

On Brock: The Wool Cashmere Bomber with water-repellant wool and a removable faux shearling collar.
On Chris: The Wool Cashmere Peacoat with water-repellant wool and a removable faux shearling collar.

Going even deeper, there’s this burgundy plaid car coat we’re obsessing over. And if burgundy isn’t your thing, it comes in textured navy (among other options).

Couple that with this robot crew neck sweater or this skiier crew neck sweater and we’re set for a date night in the city. A pop of personality that says “hey, I have personality,” when the weather is gray and cold outside and lacks… said personality.,

If that’s not your thing, there’s also this Sherpa Jacket in Navy that we wouldn’t mind having at least 2 versions of. Or this Raglan Fleece Jacket in Brown that’s perfect for a grocery run right before a holiday party. Or for running late to drinks with friends for the third time in a month.

Or how about this Wool Parka in Heather Olive? Thoughts on this over a pair of sweats and boots?

And then there’s the off-chance that during Winter, you don’t… want to shop for Winter… so there’s also a whole slew of every type of Riviera shirt that we need, starting with this Sunset Leaves print, this Ivy Greens Snakes print, and this Black Paisley Floral Print.

It’s a start.

Happy shopping, everyone! And hello, 35% off ? 

<3 C+B

All opinions are our own. In partnership with Bonobos.



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