what happened to us + why we quit

January 7, 2021

This is one of our most revealing videos yet, discussing our mental health for the first time. And it officially marks our comeback to YouTube after a year-long hiatus.

We’re present and ready.

In our latest vlog, we dive into what really happened to us last year, why we quit YouTube for a time, and why we’re coming back now at the start of a New Year, 2021. It’s a first of its kind video for us, considering we haven’t been this upfront about our mental health before. That all changes now, and moving forward.

(And considering we started our YouTube channel in 2017, we were bound to change things up a bit almost four years later ??)

We admit to suffering from depression, struggling to stay motivated daily, and the steps we’re taking taking to climb out of our past year — beginning with exercising and cooking every single day (with a goal of 30+ consecutive days). Just a few small steps that add up to a bigger journey.

We’re finally putting our mental health first and it feels right.

But, most importantly, we strongly believe it’s okay to admit you might be depressed — it’s the first step toward recovery. If you feel like you’re suffering from depression, or are encountering harmful thoughts, please consider the following resources if you are in need:

Get Help Now, The Trevor Project
National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255
BetterHelp Online Counseling
TalkSpace Counseling

And if you end up watching the video above, subscribe to our channel, set notifications, and let us know what you think. Whenever we can, we make it a goal to comment back to as many people on all of our videos.

No matter what, we’re sending you all so much love from the both of us in New York right now. And a very happy New Year.

? Chris + Brock

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