What do men wear to a holiday party?

The Perfect Velvet Tuxedo

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Hark the herald angels sing, who wear velvet tuxedos. 

We’re always at a loss for what to wear when it comes to the holidays — a regurgitation of what we wore last year, and the year before, and oh, the ugly holiday sweaters… But, this year’s a little different. 

Where last year was the first year we’d ever worn tuxedos together (for a wedding), this year’s a step ahead of that, á la velvet tuxedo jackets. Maybe it’s a sign that we’re growing up or maybe it’s a sign that we’re becoming more confident in the ways we dress; regardless, we’ve soared past the beginner’s course in just wearing a plain tuxedo, as if a tux can ever ben plain 😛

Dare we say, we’re advanced now. 

When it comes to fit, we always make our way back to Bonobos. We opt for slim or tailored (the fit options are endless at Bonobos). And to make more of a statement this year, we went for velvet, knowing full well that we’d be able to wear it for any holiday from December to January, including New Year’s in Miami. 

Did we mention we’re going to Miami for New Year’s?!

Take a look, here’s what we’re wearing:

The holidays are stressful as they are, let alone finding something to wear can be a nightmare on its own, from fit to style to comfort. And so, for a company that believes there’s a fit for every man, and that there should be diversity in a one-size-fits all world, Bonobos has consistently taken the stress out of holiday shopping for us, year after year. Not to mention, free shipping and free returns on every order 😉

Here are some other great options for holiday dressing:

And let’s not forget about formal outerwear:

We’ll be spending the holidays this year with Brock’s Dad’s side of the family, aptly dubbed the Williams Family Circus. But, if we break it down a little further, our holiday traditions are always a bit untraditional, given the fact that we rotate the holidays across four sets of divorced parents. 

Regardless of the rotation schedule, though, it’s almost like we’re collectively the ‘Santa Claus’ each year that we make it to one side of our families — a rare site to be seen, given that each family gets a December holiday with us every four years. How’s that for an untraditional holiday tradition? 

We’ll just be showing up this year in velvet 😉

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On Brock: Tuxedo Jacket Bonobos / Tuxedo Shirt Bonobos / Tuxedo Pants Bonobos

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