• The Perfect Velvet Tuxedo

    The Perfect Velvet Tuxedo

    Hark the herald angels sing, who wear velvet tuxedos.  We’re always at a loss for what to wear when it comes to the holidays — a regurgitation of what we wore last year, and the year before, and oh, the ugly holiday sweaters… But, this year’s a little different.  Where last year was the first…

  • Our (Very Brief, But Very Important) Guide To Suiting

    Our (Very Brief, But Very Important) Guide To Suiting

    As we’ve grown older wiser over the past few years, the fact is, we’ve shifted to wearing more suits more often, despite never needing to be in an office setting. Consider it our desire to live out our Talented Mr. Ripley fantasies. Come on over, young Matt Damon. All of this said, we have a…



    Some people are always prepared for everything and we immediately ask: how?! HONESTLY. HOW. Give us 8 months to prepare for a black tie wedding and we’ll take 7 months, 3 weeks, and 6 days to buy our tuxes. And that’s just what we did for a wedding we were set to attend in Santa…