July 25, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

…because we have a serious spending problem and now the Nordstrom sales associates know our names by heart. Hi, Dorinda, if you’re reading this!

We’ve shopped almost exclusively at Nordstrom this Summer solely because of the brands they’re currently carrying — we’d like to send a round of extra large pizza from Round Table (the ultimate prize) to their Men’s buyers, THEY’VE DONE SUCH A GREAT JOB.

The brands: Saturdays NYC, Levi’s Vintage, Topman, Adidas, A.P.C., and PS Paul Smith, just to name a few.

Nevertheless, since Nordstrom is having their Anniversary Sale right now (cue: little girl screams from the both of us), we decided it was relevant and necessary to discuss EVERYTHING — actually just 25 items, not too many right? — that we’ve bought from Nordstrom this month AND/OR have in our shopping cart right now (some on super-sale) because we’re humanitarians, and this information goes to the greater good.

Our working title: The 25 Things We Bought and/or Need to Buy From Nordstrom. Here goes.

First things first, tees and shirts. We cycle through graphic tees as fast as Brock cycles through liters of Diet Coke. That said, $30 for a Locals Only Maui tee from Topman seemed MORE than appropriate. Here are the five tees and shirts we bought:


Secondly, shorts, shorts, and jeans. As obsessed as we’ve been with destroyed jeans in the past, we’re currently fielding a newfound addiction to destroyed and/or ripped shorts — groundbreaking… Here are the five shorts and jeans we bought, including color-blocked swim shorts from Saturdays NYC, YES, YES, YESSSSS.


Next up, shoesas if we’ve leave out shoes, COME ON — we only bought three pairs this month. BLASPHEMY, we know, we knowwwwwwuhhh. But, we’re saving up for… nothing. We don’t have any excuses. Regardless, here are the three pairs of shoes we bought AND two pairs of shoes we need:


Lastly, here’s everything from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale that we currently have in our cart, because… free shipping and returns, right? RIGHT.


Also, FYI, the Anniversary Sale ends August 8th, 2016, which means we still have two weeks of pure happiness predicated on shopping and spending all of our money. Hurray!

<3 B+C

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Men'sNordstrom Men's SaleMen's Nordstrom SaleShop Nordstrom MenMen's SaleChris: Tee Topman / Shorts Saturdays NYC / Shoes Converse

Brock: Shirt Topman / Shorts Topman / Sandals Adidas / Cuff Miansai / Sunglasses Dior

In partnership with Nordstrom.


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