June 9, 2016

Best Father's Day gifts

meaning, we totally intend for this post to justify our receiving of a Movado watch from our cat, Thomas, as a gift for Father’s Day. He’s so sweet!

Consider the ever-present phrase for the month of June: “Dads and Grads.” Father’s Day is in a week and a half, and we’ve been cat dads for almost three years now. One could also say that we’ve recently graduated from poor spending habits to “somewhat better, still not great” spending habits, thus defining who we are as true “Dads and Grads.”

We partnered with Bloomingdale’s this month to showcase perfect gifts for the stars of the month — the two of us — Dads and Grads and anyone who deserves to be gifted.

The perfect gift? The Movado watch we’ve been fawning over for months now: the Movado BOLD Heritage Calendoplan. Leather straps, yellow gold, and sapphire crystal.



We’re running off of the idea that the watch was plucked straight out of Matt Damon’s hands in The Talented Mr. Ripley, which in and of itself brings us that much closer to physically, metaphorically touching Matt Damon (EW, says Brock; YAY, says Chris).

Quick and easy, here’s our guide for more gifts to give for the Dads and Grads in your life, straight from the hallowed halls of Bloomingdale’s. Hallowed halls, which we might add, boast the most impressive collection of Movado watches among everything else.

ALSO, as a proper aside: what are your thoughts on the shoe department at Bloomingdale’s?! i.e. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON HEAVEN? UGH, we love going to heaven Bloomingdale’s.

<3 B+C

Father's Day gift guide

Gifts for Father's Day

In partnership with Bloomingdale’s

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