May 9, 2016

Men's track pants

because, souvenir jackets and eccentric athleisure are “trendy,” right?

Just like Cyndi once said, girls just want to have fun, and we, being the gurls that we are, oblige when it comes to fashunz.

As in, here’s an important question: who wouldn’t want to wear a satin bomber jacket with pink sleeves?! RIGHT. And who wouldn’t want to wear vividly green Adidas track pants?! EXACTLY.


If there’s any one statement we can issue on our style at the moment, it’s that we’re going through a ‘retro’ period, wherein we pull from every decade prior to the 1990s. But, like… so is everyone else. Consider the 2010s the decade of cultural, decade-specific appropriation. We’re not original? DANGIT.

Regardless, we’re still not into grunge, sorry.

Souvenir jackets? 1950s. Hypebeast knows.

Colored Adidas track pants? 1970s.


NEVERTHELESS, even if souvenir jackets and track pants are quote-un-quote trendy right now, we’re going to go ahead and say that we started it all. WE ARE THE TRENDSETTERS. WE STARTED IT ALL. Yes. Yes. YASSSSSS qweenz.

You heard it from us first.

This is all to sarcastically say, sometimes it’s really nice to ride a trend like the sad ‘county fair’ pony that it is. Ugh. Sad ‘county fair’ ponies 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

<3 B+C

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Chris: Tee Topman / Pants Adidas / Sneakers Adidas / Sunglasses Topman

Brock: Jacket ASOS / Tee Topman / Jeans Club Monaco /Sneakers Lacoste / Socks Topman / Sunglasses Topman

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