April 5, 2016

Brock and Chris of Yummertime wearing white pantsIt’s 10:45AM? Well, shoot, we overslept and missed our Best Butt Booty Blast class. Shoot. Whatever, let’s get dressed. You know what? Today’s a fun day. Let’s wear white pants!

WOOHOO. White pants party!

It’s 10:50AM. UGH. Pizza sauce. On our white pants. Whatever, no one’s really going to notice.

WOOHOO. We’re wearing white pants! We feel so fresh. Yasssss.

It’s 11:20AM. Ugh ugh ugh. An entire bottle of ranch just spilled on BOTH of our crotches. So creamy, so good, but ew, gross, IT LOOKS SO GROSS, AHHHH, EWWW. Whatever, people will hardly notice these crotchety stains.

Yassssss. White pants!

It’s 11:40AM. NOOOOOO. Just sat in dog poo on the bus. Hate chihuahuas. This sucks. Whatever, the stain looks intentional, kind of like we’re wearing super expensive jeans made to look like the grunge 1990s. Perfect. They totally do! We’re basically Kurt Cobain’s prodigies, wearing grungy white pants. Yessssss. This is great!

It’s 12:10PM. Just sat in bubblegum.

It’s 12:33PM. Just fell into a mud wrestling pit.

It’s 1:12PM. Just walked into a sriracha-based food fight.

It’s 1:44PM. A bird pooped on both of us.

Whatever. These pants still look great. Why treat them any differently than other types of pants? EXACTLY. Commence our PSA for wearing white and being all like YOLO, DGAF, betch better have my money.

<3 B+C

Oh, and here are some of our top choices for white pants and shorts 😉


AND, here are our outfits from the image above:


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  • April 5, 2016 at 4:42 pm

    white pants is so timeless… great style!!!


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