i.e. do we buy one (1) ticket to see Beyonce OR do we buy two (2) t-shirts from Opening Ceremony and Kenzo? Quite possibly one of the most vapid, yet honest, questions we’ve ever asked ourselves… now we’re hungry though, so let’s go buy a $12 green juice.

We’ve changed.

We used to be “never buy a t-shirt over $40” kind of guys. The kind of guys who also love the 2 for $20 promotion at Chili’s and Applebee’s. You get your appetizer, an entree, AND a dessert for $20. YES.

But, here we are, changing our stance, telling ourselves it’s perfectly alright that we’ve spent more on a pair of t-shirts than any one-time transfer into our savings account. But, like, we’re millennials and millennials don’t ever need to save, right?

Right / whatever. Who cares? We don’t.

We’d rather be shopping.


Consider it a manifestation of the “I’m traveling and not looking at our bank account” mentality, wherein we pop into a luxury designer store in Dallas and decide we deserve every product being sold because, ummm, we split a $15 burger for lunch and we deserve to reward ourselves for being so budget-minded. It’s getting out of hand. We’re getting out of hand.

We need someone to stop us. This isn’t right.

But, wait, look at this YSL palm print souvenir jacket. AND this pair of pink Common Projects achilles sneakers. OMG and this Shinola leather backpack!


<3 B+C

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Chris: Tee Opening Ceremony / Chinos Gap / Shoes Frank & Oak / Sunglasses Westward Leaning

Brock: Tee Kenzo / Jeans J.Crew / Shoes SeaVees (similar) / Sunglasses Dior




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One response to “THE $100 T-SHIRT DILEMMA”

  1. ChasingKendall Avatar

    hahahaha omg totally. I always have the same dilemma and can’t justify the big spends on t-shirts. why is that?! But sometimes you just NEED a TSHIRT! lol <3