January 15, 2016

Brock and Chris of Yummertime wearing coats and jackets for Winter

That’s it. That’s all. Winter can all but be erased from our lives, if only it weren’t for our affinity for layering — layering so many clothes that we end up looking like babushka dolls.

If it weren’t for this coat from Carven, for example, we’d be all but done with Winter like a Kardashian wedding of yesteryear — um, buh-bye.

Not to mention, there’s something about wearing a ton of top layers (i.e. coat upon coat upon sweater) and cuffing your pants extra high, thereby contradicting yourself in hoping for warmth when your ankles feel like Leo’s latest role in The Revenant — he just looks so cold, so freezing. But, seriously, it’s basically our statement against Winter, all like, we hate you, Winter. We STRONGLY dislike you. Go away. LEAVE.

But, then, we see this varsity jacket from Golden Bear, and we’re all like, FINE, you can stay, Winter. STAY. We need at least one more month of shopping for jackets and coats. We’ll allow it.

Jacket upon jacket upon sweater upon tee. Pair those with Adidas soccer pants and suddenly we’re comfier than 500 kittens in a cotton ball factory. Does that make sense? Because they’re all fluffy?

Ugh. We’re so weird.


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