December 9, 2015

Yummertime gift guide featuring west elmIn an effort to Oprahfy everything in our life (we’re currently accepting applications to find the Gayle King to our Oprah Winfrey), we decided it best to present to the world our own Yummertime Favorite Things Gift Guide.

a.k.a. we’re gifting everything that we want this year, a.k.a. “no, we do not need your wishlist, Mom, you’re getting what we give you. NO COMPLAINTS.”

TBH, being more like Oprah feels amazing. Woo!

Here goes (starting with selects from west elm, having spent our entire Saturday night obsessing over everything in their holiday gift guide while drinking way too much wine (again)… one hour of which was completely spent staring at everything pink they have in their ‘chic gifts’ section…):

Pink everything
We started with glassware (these hobstar glasses), and then we found the candle section (these) and were all like, “Uncle Jerry definitely needs a pink candle.” The glassware section on west elm is HUGE, btw… meaning, we starred in our own season of Lost.

Boozy thingamajigs
To promote the idea that we know what we’re doing when a cocktail recipe says to “muddle” anything and we respond with, “isn’t that from Harry Potter?” a.k.a. it’s best for us to just gift ALL the tools and thingamajigs and act like we’re super generous bartenders!

Our favorite basics, of late, being Nephews tees and sweatshirts and tanks. Megaphone treatment: affordable basics, quality cotton, made in the USA — the mission behind what is Nephews.

Our current favorites being the restorative night and eye creams from Context, a super new brand that just debuted recently.


a flashlight and a poker set, WOO!
In addition to a ton of random, “We don’t know what to get you” gifts / really awesome ‘for him’ gifts.

Yummertime selects bar and kitchen gifts from west elmYummertime, west elm and ASPCAYummertime gift guide with west elmyummertime gift guide with west elm and Context Skincare

Gifts or not, tbh, if we could redo our apartment, it’d encompass choosing everything from west elm… except we didn’t see a portable pizza oven… those do exist and we need one.


<3 B+C

A big thank you to west elm for Oprahfying our life and partnering up with us for this post.


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  • Bloggers_Boyfriend December 21, 2015 at 12:05 am

    perfect gift ideas !


    • yummertime December 28, 2015 at 9:29 am

      Woohoo!! Hahah! ? ? ? ?