November 10, 2015

Chris and Brock, of Yummertime, wearing sherpa-lined coats for men

One can wonder, does this coat make me look like a four-legged cast member of Babe or Charlotte’s Web? Because, if so, 1) we love those movies, but, 2) that’s just baaaaaaaad.

Through the process of selecting a winter coat or, even say, a backpack, the line between livestock and actual human being can become incredibly blurry. Dare we say, there’s even the potential to look like neither, and instead be more appropriate for a date with Kermit the Frog, which could totally be fun. We’ve been there.

Regardless, here’s a disclaimer, we’re often VERY fond of looking like muppets and livestock alike. Hence our OBSESSION with this teddy bear coat from Carven.

BUT, if looking like livestock isn’t a goal you’ve had for 2015, put it on the back burner for next year’s resolutions and take the safe route — any coat that’s simply sherpa lined. The easiest, non-risky way on how to buy a sherpa coat or jacket —  it’s all in the lining. You’ll hit the sherpa trend (of late) AND not have to explain why you love looking like a stuffed animal but still aren’t into the furry kinky trend we’ve seen on an episode of CSI.

Chris, of Yummertime, wearing men's sherpa-lined jacketBrock, of Yummertime, wearing a sherpa-lined coatBrock, of Yummertime, in a Levi's trucker jacketChris, of Yummertime, wearing a Levi's trucker jacketBrock, of Yummertime, wearing men's fall jacketChris, of Yummertime, in men's sherpa lined jacket

Chris: Jacket Levi’s (similar) / Tee Levi’s / Jeans Levi’s / Shoes Converse / Backpack Marc by Marc Jacobs

Brock: Jacket Levi’s / Henley Onia / Jeans J.Crew / Shoes Converse / Sunglasses Ray-Ban


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