July 9, 2015

IMG_0505About two months ago, we were introduced to the beauty that is an ENORMOUS brown leather backpack — this one in particular, vegetable-tanned leather, by Saint Rita Parlor. It’s a feeling of, “Nah, I totally don’t need such a large backpack, I already have so many small backpacks, like I already have twenty Herschel and Fjallraven backpacks… No, yeah… I definitely don’t need it… Well, let me just see how it looks… Oh… Wow… OH WOW OH MY GOURD OH WOW OH MY GOURD OH MY GOURD OH MY GOURD. Look at me. LOOOOOOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEE.” It’s a big step to invest a little more in a bag, let alone find the right one, so here are some others we found online below:


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