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we’re (finally) getting married

We have major wedding updates! Never mind the fact that we’ve cancelled our big (150 person) wedding once, and shifted the plans a dozen times since. We’re planning an elopement ceremony and… we’re finally getting married — 10 years to the day we first met in-person.

Actual side note: who were we to think we’d have a 150 person wedding?? British royalty?! Someone please slap us next time we have such visions of grandeur.

Four months into living in Los Angeles, we’ve admittedly had a difficult time adjusting to a new city, being the busiest we’ve ever been with work, all while planning an intimate elopement ceremony to finally say ‘I do’ in front of our parents and sisters.

And if you’re watching this video now, we’ll share a conservative estimate and say… We’ve changed the plans a dozen times since filming this. Honestly not kidding.

Planning an elopement ceremony, all while having already canceled a wedding once, has come with its own set of challenges. We’ve found ourselves, over and over, trying to create an event of the same grandiosity as a wedding. Just with a smaller guest list.

The budget keeps ballooning out of proportion, and the moment we find “the place,” perfect for a wedding but maybe not an elopement ceremony, we realize we’ve overlooked the reason why we’re doing this in the first place — to simply get married and say “I do” in front of our families.

We told ourselves we’d be saving for a house and children. And then suddenly we find ourselves in Malibu walking through a beach club.

You can see our genuine excitement in this video — the process seems endless and we still have so much to learn. But, for now, we’re letting our guards down (once again) and bearing it all to show you that there’s no ‘one right way’ to do this.

This is our latest vlog, planning an elopement ceremony. And thank you for always supporting us ?? We love you all.

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