These Jackets Are Our Ultimate New Faves

Abercrombie and Fitch men's jackets

14 days, 21,706 miles, and 213 of cups of coffee later (we’re just guessing on that one), we’ve gone from San Francisco to Bali, back to San Francisco, and onward to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where we’re currently writing this blog post. 

And here’s an update: it’s freezing in Belfast. 

Despite our penchant for wearing speedos — appropriate in Bali but never in Belfast — there’s not much to a ‘looks post’ that’s nearly naked. Which brings us to today’s breakthrough style post (which is a first in a while): we’re finally wearing clothes! And by clothes, we mean, the jackets that have saved our lives. 

Enter: Abercrombie for the win, again and again, with our favorite Fall-to-Winter outwear this year. On Brock, this. On Chris, this. 


There’s something to be said of a jacket that’s altogether light enough to wear throughout a long day, but sturdy enough to withstand the sharp cold of Northern Ireland. And for both of the Abercrombie jackets we’ve been wearing throughout this entire trip to Belfast, they’ve done just that. 

Paired with black jeans (on Brock) and track pants (on Chris), a heritage hoodie (on Brock) and a logo tee (on Chris), we went for a collegiate vibe the day we visited Queens University in Belfast, in anticipation of the gallery exhibition that’s opening on Yummertime this month at the Naughton Gallery (*insert plug*). 

Relaxed and easy, without any sort of pretense. 


On the topic of all things Abercrombie, here are some of our other favorite pieces this season, including but not limited to this green puffer jacket, this ultra parka, these joggers, and this turtleneck. Always love a good turtleneck. Not to mention, Abercrombie’s just been killing it. 

Other Abercrombie favorites include these hoodies:


Sending you all so much love from Northern Ireland! 

<3 B+C

Abercrombie and Fitch men's outerwear Men's outerwear Outerwear for menAbercrombie and Fitch for menTHESE JACKETS ARE OUR ULTIMATE NEW FAVES

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