Raf Simons Cropped sweater

Baby, it’s cold bold outside 😛

The temperature’s dropping and we’re finally busting out our coats and sweaters; but, we refuse to be dull and dreary. We also refuse to reduce the amount of time we spend watching reality TV, but that’s another problem and another story altogether.

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little ‘extra’ 24/7. And so it comes as no surprise that we’d choose a bright Christmas red, cropped sweater from Farfetch for one of our latest looks. A BRIGHT RED CROPPED SWEATER.

But, the point is, more than ever, Fall and Winter collections have become increasingly colorful, and we couldn’t be happier. Gloomy weather is no excuse for gloomy clothes. You can quote us on that.

For our take on styling F/W looks, a statement piece with a bold color really goes a long way. There’s nothing sexier to us than someone who understands a little color or texture can have a huge impact (read: bold), without the need to dress head to toe in SLAP IN YOUR FACE colors and textures. Although, there is a time and place for that, of course 😉

But, back to our point RE: strategically using bold colors and textures. Opting for a boldly colored knit or a highly textured coat easily sets us apart from the mundane, and to us, adds a level of spark not afforded to an outfit composed completely of neutrals.

Here’s the 411: we dress in neutrals for our basics and add a fun color for a statement.

How we style bold colors into our looks: Brock paired a cropped, red Raf Simons knit sweater with a plain white tee, light wash Levi’s 501s, and a new pair of Clarks we scored earlier in the week in San Francisco.

On the note of Raf Simons, the selection of pieces on Farfetch is pretty extensive, color-wise, and right now our shopping cart’s getting out of hand. Cropped and oversized and unique fits all around, combined with unique colors and patterns. We’re OBSESSED.

Next up, outfit-wise, we have a yellow leather jacket and a red, white, and blue bomber coming your way 😉

Go bold, or go home.

<3 B+C

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On Brock: Raf Simons Sweater / Scotch & Soda Tee / Levi’s Jeans / Clarks Shoes






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