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Coach is having the best moment in menswear right now

When we die, bury us in Coach (and hundred dollar bills).

We’re writing this blog post while eagerly watching yesterday’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which is an entirely new level of honesty we’ve never had with you all… so, there’s that…

BUT, what’s also worth mentioning, and HENCE the reason for this blog post, is another piece of honesty, this one surrounding Coach.

We visit every week. Sometimes multiple times a week.

There. WE SAID IT.

We thought long and hard about admitting that… literally for an HOUR, hello anxiety… but, we couldn’t find any other way to describe the type of love we have for Coach other than to admit the whole truth. The love for ANYONE, any brand that just gets it. Getting “it,” for this post specifically, meaning: you can be a fashion company, be successfully traded on the NYSE, AND be playful in menswear.

Playful, as in, creating an entire capsule collection for both men’s and women’s that took the 70s trend all major fashion brands have adopted over the past year (hello, trend forecasting), and say, “well, we’ll make ours all about the magic of space in the early 70s.” So concise; we love it.

Or better yet, “let’s be playful and retro without making our customers look like they walked out of Buena Vista Park in San Francisco in 1971,” because yes, we’d rather not look like that. Not all 70s clothes are great; sorry, 1970s…

Hear our plea: may Coach continue being creative, especially in menswear, AND may we win the Lottery ($$$) so we can afford it all.

Here are some of our faves from this year’s collections 😉


<3 B+C


On Chris: Coach Tee / Coach Pants / Coach Jacket / GREATS Shoes / Zara Sunglasses — bought in Paris; we can’t find a US link to them 🙁

On Brock: Coach Tee / Zara Jeans / Coach Jacket / Coach Shoes / Bonnie Clyde Sunglasses

Men's Outerwear for Fall from Coach

Coach Men's Outerwear

Coach Men's Dog Tee Shirt

Men's Fall Outerwear from Coach NASA Space collection



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