September 13, 2017

shop yummertimes instagram for pastel adidas slides and socks

And the award for “Dynamic Duo” goes to: socks and slides. All aboard the Comfy Train Express™.

We’ve been wearing socks and Adidas slides a lot recently. A lot, a lot. So much, in fact, that we’ve considered ‘going out’ to bars and clubs in them. Is that a thing? Asking for two people who don’t know ANYTHING.

When we first heard the news that Adidas was dropping a collection of pastel slides, our decision was made in an instant. We’ve never been faster at an online purchase. Express checkout, please. Also, is there a subscription option? We’d like to receive two pairs every 6 months after we destroy them by wearing them so often.


Pair with some of our favorite socks, and we’re set for life:


<3 B+C

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