September 5, 2017

shop yummertimes favorite denim zip up jacket from topman

Remember this Instagram photo (above)?

We received A LOT of emails, DMs, and messages about the jacket that Chris is wearing — on the right, if your new to here 🙂 It’s from Club Monaco F/W 2015.

And after a TON of queries across Google, we came to a dead end. We weren’t able to find it available for sale anywhere. That’s what you get with fast fashion, we guess… items come and go and disappear.

As disheartening as that is, one good thing about fast fashion is every retailer copies each other, just maybe a few seasons late 😉 And alas, we found a similar version of the jacket available from Topman.


Consider us your best friends for being addicted to shopping and finding it at Nordstrom 😛

Love you!

<3 B+C

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