September 6, 2017

5 fall trends for men that are going to blow up according to PacSun

We won’t call ourselves psychic (although we can predict our hanger at 11:05am every day; we’re always hungry at that time — weird). In fact, we’re not even certain we believe in psychics… Sure, you have your celebrity psychics on E! network and Bravo. Standard psychic mumble jumble perfect for a Kardashian price tag.

But, then there’s PacSun, psychically predicting Fall trends for guys like it’s their business. Which it is. PacSun is one of the largest retailers for men in the United States. Topped off with one of their competitors, Urban Outfitters, the two form the gold standard for men’s fashion trends in the U.S.

Psychic or not, PacSun’s buyers are on to something this year and we’re catching on. Here are 5 Fall trends for men that are going to blow up according to PacSun (/our PacSun shopping cart):

1. Colorful beanies


The dad cap trend still wages on. But, colder temperatures call for warmer headgear. With the colorful trend of dad caps having expanded over the past year alone (especially across Instagram; we’ve seen this peach cap EVERYWHERE), it’s time for their more wintery cousin to shine.

Our fave: Brixton’s Good Times orange beanie.

2. Flannel shirts


What with the rise of Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh over the past two years alone, flannels have become a staple to streetwear, seen on and off the runway. Couple the flannel with a graphic patch sewn on the back and the trend’s reworked for 2017, in the vein of Virgil Abloh’s influence on the fashion industry.

Our fave: The Hundreds Fremont Plaid.

3. Checkered Vans in every color


We used to wear Vans all the time (we’re creatures of habit). And then we stopped, because… all hail the second coming of Adidas. But, it’s 2017, and we’re back to wearing Vans, especially checkered. Pair with cropped skinny jeans and socks 😉

Our fave: Vans blue, white, and red two-toned.

4. Pastel hoodies


Do we even need to explain? Pastel. Hoodies. It’s as if PacSun’s speaking to us directly, telling us just how much they love and appreciate us. That… and they’re jumping on the re-issue trend of Champion, Puma, and Adidas, all re-issuing their 90s pastel colors. Enough said.

Our fave: Champion’s teal pullover.

5. Destroyed denim with Chelsea boots


Tricky to pair, should the jeans not fit right. Destroyed denim gives a more casual feel to wearing Chelseas out and about. Chris has already worn this trend of an outfit 3 times this week alone…

Our fave combination: these charcoal Foundation Footwear Chelseas paired with these PacSun indigo bleached destroyed jeans.

Happy Fall shopping!

<3 B+C

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