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Make way for a new era of Abercrombie (and subsequently its impact on our bank account; we’ll take 1 of everything, thank you).

Because it’s our duty to report on news that’s several months old, Abercrombie has a new SVP of Design, straight from Club Monaco. And the enormous positive impact can definitely be felt — lest we wouldn’t have dipped into our savings account to buy multiple pairs of these pants… We’re so sorry, Savings Account.

We probably shop too much… but, then, what else do people do in their free time?…

Gone are the days of Abercrombie circa 2001. And in its place comes clothing that begs the question, “where did you get that?” from everyone around us. Seriously. We kind of LIVED for the fact that everyone last night was asking us where we got our shirts, tees and pants from, and we were all like, “Oh, these? They’re from Abercrombie,” with a wink and a smile.


Here’s what we wore:


Let’s run with this, though. Standout selects from Abercrombie’s New Arrivals include this light pink tie-dye tee, these ripped, dark wash slim jeans, and all of these:



Happy shopping 😛

<3 B+C

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