May 28, 2017

what to buy from ASOS Summer Whites section

Beware of pizza sauce! No, not on the white jeans!

The eternal father, Puff Daddy, once said, “He who wears white after Labor Day will ruin EVERYTHING.” Or something like that… But, it’s not Labor Day. It’s Memorial Day! The ‘official start to Summer,’ and with that, the day deemed worthy of wearing white again courtesy of Victorian 19th Century social standards that make no sense to us.

But, then again, a lot of things don’t make sense to us…

Regardless, we can wear all-white everything again! REJOICE!

So, here’s the 411: we immediately ran to the ‘Summer Whites’ section on ASOS and filled up our shopping bag to the brim, specifically grabbing this pair of white skinny cropped ‘beach print’ pants and this mock-necked white tee, paired with these white sneakers with cut-out details.

(Beware, though: the ‘Summer Whites’ section on ASOS is packed — a.k.a. the perfect 4-8 hours spent shopping online!)

Other faves from ASOS include these $29 lace-up sneakers and these skinny jeans, these white overalls and these ‘planet’ print shorts.


Pro tip: for styling, we made it easier on ourselves by blending different shades of white — so we didn’t GLOW in the daylight, haha. Cream-white cropped pants paired with a true white tank top. Cream white sneakers with true white skinny jeans 😛

Here are a few of our other faves from the Summer Whites section on ASOS:


Happy shopping on ASOS for Memorial Day!

<3 B+C

P.S. ASOS is running a HUGE sale today. 20% off everything (just today) for all non-US countries with the code ‘SWEET.’ For the US, get 20% off all full-priced items until May 30th with the code ‘LIT20.’

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