May 15, 2017

Revolve Man Spring

We’ll take all of the satin bombers, thank you very much!

Dare we say, we’re predictable: we’ll eat from the kids menu to save money (as in, share chicken tenders and mac and cheese for a total of $11 — DREAM DINNER), but give us a satin jacket in a pink shade and suddenly we think we’re living out our childhood, Disney Channel Original Movie fantasy of ‘Blank Check‘ — name your price, WE’RE RICH! (side note: we’re not).

Rich or not, Revolve Man’s recent round up of a few Designers to Know, including Simon Miller and Maiden Noir, has us reeling through financial irresponsibility. We just need someone (or, at least, a fortune cookie) to tell us that we deserve to go on a shopping spree. “You deserve to spend your money on a tropical print shirt today. And you deserve another Diet Coke. Oh, and a slice of pizza. Make that two.”

There’s this Hotel 1171 Hotel CA satin bomber in rose. And this Double Rainbouu “Jungle Juice shirt” that time-travels us back to being in Puerto Rico earlier this year. OR there’s also THIS pair of sherbet colored New Balance sneakers that are making us hungry for ice cream. We scream for ice-cream colored, chunky sneakers.

Here’s everything we need from Revolve Man right now:


Ugh, but we ALSO need all of these:


<3 B+C

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