January 24, 2017

Our Favorite Men's Sunglasses

Little do you know, we weren’t wearing any pants or underwear when we took these photos. But, actually, now you know… Because we told you. So, UGH, never mind.

NEVER MIND. Let’s talk sunglasses.

On the daily, we receive dozens of questions asking what sunglasses we’re wearing (from Instagram posts to Stories) — we also get asked if we’re brothers, to which we reply by making out with each other like good ol’ bros, but that’s another story. Instead of answering each question, individually, we decided to blog about our sunglasses to let everyone know 🙂

We figured we needed to let THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW. Such vital information.

These are the six sunglasses we’ve been wearing the most. Like we said, VITAL information. And on that note, they all have gold or yellow frames. Which means, we suppose, we’re making the case for gold and yellow framed sunglasses.

‘we’re making the case for gold and yellow framed sunglasses.’

Top faves include this Gucci pair, this pair from Tom Ford, and this pair from Ray-Ban. There’s also this pair from Dick Moby, this Ray-Ban pair, and this pair from Illesteva.

More of our faves also include:


We need more sunglasses now.

<3 B+C

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