bomber jacket and camp collar Valentino shirt from MR PORTER for New York Fashion Week Mens

Packed by Yummertime, in support of MR PORTER as our NYFW:M shopping destination. We love you, MR PORTER. 

Also subtitled: We’d Rather Be Packing Speedos.


Per the usual, we’ll probably stay out too late, wake up too early, and eat our weight in bagels (pro tip: our faves are from Baz Bagel, YES). And since it’s important for us to tell the whole world what we’re up to, here’s what we’re up to:

We’re headed to New York Fashion Week: Men’s 🙂

(We can already hear the ‘ooooohhhhs’ and ‘awwwwwwws’ from our moms back home, who are the most excited for us, LOL)

Nevertheless, it’s time to commence the constant side-eyes from everyone in the front row, second row, third row, as we sit there, not knowing at all what we’re doing. It’s our third time to New York Fashion Week and we’re still so new to the ‘scene.’ We’ll be the ones with slices of pizza in-hand because we can’t stand the thought of being hungry during a ‘show.’

But, this is all besides the main point of this post. Without further ado:

Here’s what we packed, our favorite selects from MR PORTER right now:

Chris’ Selects:


Brock’s selects:


Top choices include: this Gucci ‘Woodstock’ sweater and this Valentino camp collar shirt, a.k.a. our ways of saying screaming, HEY, LOOK AT US, WE HAVE PERSONALITY.

Other faves include: these VISVIM green-stripe soled shoes, this Solid Homme bomber jacket, these Rag & Bone jeans, these Acne pebbled white sneakers, and these Bottega Veneta chelsea boots.

And if we had the chance to shop more before our trip, here’s what would have been in our shopping cart:


Cross your fingers and hope that we survive the week!

<3 B+C

The best clothes for New York Fashion Week Mens from MR PORTER

Gucci Woodstock Charlie Brown striped sweater, striped VISVIM shoes and Freemans shirt jacket from MR PORTER

Colorful camp collar shirt and bomber jacket for New York Fashion Week Mens from MR PORTER



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