October 13, 2016

Men's Gucci Sneakers

If we had a resume together, shopping would be our #1 skill. Our #2 skill goes to consuming six orders of cheeseburgers and queso tots in the past 48 hours, but that’s beside the point.


This week marks a defining moment in our lives when we decided to fully forego financial responsibility, á la our attempt to be the modern day male equivalents of Carrie Bradshaw, and
bought pieces of art (read: the most beautiful sneakers we’ve ever seen… excuse us, we’re going to cry). One pair of sneakers, from Gucci (for Chris!). The other, from Aquatalia (for Brock!). Shown here, in different color options:


Never mind our obsession (like the rest of the world’s) with Alessandro Michele’s endeavors at Gucci as of late, we’re just being wise investors. Oh, and we also got this pair (for Brock). Oopsie poopsie. We’re merely investing as one would do with real estate; our assets just go on our feet. And are perfectly embroidered with florals and flames. Yes.

Here’s our take on ‘insider trading,’ then: these sneakers are prime for investing in 😉


Need more. Want more. UGH.

<3 B+C

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