October 23, 2016

Unofficial Uniform of Fall includes socks and shorts

Because, in the year 2016, knees have become the sexiest part of the body.

12 times out of 10, you’ll catch us wearing long socks with sneakers and shorts. We’re not lazy. We’re EFFICIENT. It’s our unofficial uniform for Fall, complete with our newfound Autumnal penchant for jalapeño burgers from WesBurger down on Mission St.

The socks: from HUE’s NEWEST men’s collection (because of all the colors).
The shoes: always sneakers (Adidas Stan Smiths, Converse High-Tops, etc.)
The shorts: any, as long as they hit right above the knee.

Nevermind taking a painting or pottery class, there’s a true art to balancing a look with socks and shorts. The socks crinkled down just the right amount; the shorts, slouchy but short, without bearing your booty. Settle down, Kim K.

Style 411: we go for HUE’s solid or marled socks with half cushions (in any color, really), washing them once or twice before wearing to give them a more ‘worn’ look.

We’ll then pair them with Stan Smiths, High Tops, or original Reeboks.


Technical 411: more specifically, HUE’s our current sock of choice because of their color choices, but also because of their advanced cushion sole; a.k.a. the older we get, the more irritable we are when our feet hurt… NO ONE TOLD US we have to WALK to get to Taco Bell. OUR FEET ARE KILLING US. An advanced cushion sole, then, equals a more favorable Taco Bell experience. Hurray!

Our unofficial uniform for Fall. BOOM.

<3 B+C

Colorful men's socks by HUEThe award for unofficial uniform of fall goes to socks and shortsTopman Tee, Topman Shorts, HUE Socks and Reebok SneakersLevis tee and shorts with HUE socks and Converse hi-topsMen's Style Uniform for Fall: Socks and ShortsHUE mens socks with Converse hi-topsVintage tee and shorts with HUE men's socks and sneakers

A huge thank you to HUE for partnering with us for this post.

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