Yummertime Instagram featuring Tommy Jeans Sweatshirt and Vans Old Skool Sneakers

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Somewhere in-between wanting to look like 1) sk8er bois from an Avril Lavigne music video and 2) an incessant couple who matches their clothes on the daily (WHO? US?!), this is the State of the Union, á la our style, as prescribed by our addiction to charging our credit cards for a new wardrobe every week.

We’ve heard it said, your style should be a reflection of who you are at that moment; how you’re feeling.

OF COURSE! That totally makes sense! Like, DUH!

The photo above, then, seems to say, “Don’t fuck with us, our stomachs are hurting because we’ve been eating beautiful, delicious junk food all week and we DO NOT want to eat salads tonight because we desperately need fiber” (true to life), where the photo below says, “We’re whispering secrets to each other about our archenemies (anyone who hates cats) and laughing, HAHAHAHAH, OMG, so funny!”

STYLE NOTATION #1: socks worn with Vans Old Skool sneakers.

STYLE NOTATION #2: non-fancy, less expensive satin bombers (as opposed to this Gucci one or this Public School one… UGH WE NEED BOTH) that realistically go with whatever you’re wearing, every day.


Yummertime Instagram Looks featuring Satin Bombers from Topman at Nordstrom

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