October 22, 2016

Men's turtleneck sweaters

What was once so passé, is now so cool.

Enter: the turtleneck sweater. The easiest way to look as luxe as a chesterfield couch — which, to be honest, we’d like for someone to buy for us; a chesterfield couch, that is. That and a dozen diamond rings.

But, back to our turtleneck sweater ‘shoddy to luxe’ shortcut!


We snagged these two Italian merino wool turtleneck sweaters from Banana Republic last Tuesday, paired them with a pair of black jeans and selvedge denim (to dress up “just wearing jeans”), and ran off to a dinner event we had slated for that night. Thanks be to one of our sacred temples, Banana Republic; someone said we were respectable, polished gentleman that night, and we’re certain it didn’t have anything to do with our personalities — just the turtleneck sweaters.

When it comes to dressing ourselves, we’re still learning. And when it comes to dressing ‘up’ a look, we’re still in elementary school (well… Chris is in pre-school; Brock is a little more advanced than that). Thus comes the significance of the turtleneck sweater.

Oh, turtleneck sweaters.
Ohhhhhh, turtleneck sweaters!

The 411: pair said turtleneck sweater with a pair of solid wash jeans for an amped up casual look. Our preference for turtlenecks being the ones from Banana Republic, all because of the quality and price. 100% Italian merino wool for $89.50.

Shop our exact looks here:


<3 B+C

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