September 15, 2016

Where to buy men's underwear

Talk about personal: the third most common question we ever receive revolves around what we wear to cover our butt cheeks. If not that, what we wear when we dance to any Katy Perry song.

The underwear: Calvins + Tommys.
Where we buy them: HisRoom.

26 years old, and we’ve finally figured out what underwear we prefer — we’ll consider ourselves respectable adults now. Respectable enough to run around the Avalon Hotel in Palm Springs, wearing only robes and our undies. YAY.

We’ll cut to the chase, though, and say it like it is, we’re best friends now, you + us, and so it’s only appropriate that we strip down to our underwear together. Never not seeking an excuse to be less clothed / make social situations more awkward and uncomfortable.

Regardless, it’s not like anyone talks about this — where to buy underwear, which underwear to get. Why. WHY don’t they?! We could’ve felt more comfortable AND SEXIER sooner, had someone pointed us in the right direction of, “oh, you’d prefer hip briefs with a contour pouch.” WHAT EVEN IS A CONTOUR POUCH.

Here’s the 411: We source a majority of our underwear (+ other basics) directly through HisRoomCalvins, Tommys, 2xist, etc. — specifically going for briefs, but, hey, who doesn’t love a pair of good, 100% cotton boxer briefs? They’re perfect for eating pizza in bed.

We probably spend too much time on HisRoom… looking at underwear.

Here are our top picks from HisRoom, undies and otherwise:

<3 B+C
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