September 29, 2016

Men's destroyed jeans

a.k.a. Does watching The Night Of and Narcos make us edgier, too?

We’ll keep this brief. We snagged a pair of dark green, pony hair sneakers and shopped at Assembly New York. Are we cool yet? We’ve also been wearing ripped black skinny jeans. Does that make us cool? Couple that with a monochrome palette and the fact that we shot on a
basketball court… ARE WE COOL?

Our style’s been going through a phase, wanting to be more Nylon than GQ, more Kylie than Kendall, and because of that, we’re ready to be shot by Rihanna for the new Puma campaign. Please. Rihanna, please.

Here’s what we’re wearing:


Edgy or not, we relinquish ourselves to the fact that we’re obsessed with this Terrible tee, these sage Kashiba slides, and this leather baseball cap, all from Assembly New York. WAIT, and this black suede bomber. Assembly New York is kind of killing it with their New Arrivals section, tbqh.


Current life status: writing these posts is horrible for our bank account.
*places black suede bomber into shopping cart*
*also places Kashiba slides and baseball cap*

<3 B+C

Assembly New York

Destroyed Topman jeans

White jeans for men

Aquatalia shoes

Men's fall fashion

Chris: Urban Outfitters Tee / Topman Jeans / Aquatalia Sneakers

Brock: Assembly New York Tee / Levi’s Jeans / Vans Sneakers


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