Allbirds Shoes

Also subtitled COLLAB TO KNOW: AMPERSAND x  ALLBIRDS, if we’re being specific, specifically, you know? So specific.

Considering that our closet is currently overflowing with shoes (read: we’re not complaining), shoes hold a special place in our hearts. Alas, hundreds of shoes OR NOT, you won’t find us wearing shoes we can’t rave about. WHY WEAR SHOES IF YOU ONLY JUST ‘LIKE’ THEM? Wasteful. WASTEFUL.

This is a brand to know: Allbirds.

Designed in San Francisco, created with one of the world’s great Italian textile mills, the brand has created an entirely new category of shoe (srsly, tho) made of merino wool (so comfy, SO comfy).

With a shape similar in vein to the more prolific athleisure shoe brands of today, Allbirds excel in comfort and monochromatic design, far and above their competitors. Just take a look at their original designs (LOVE the Natural White Allbirds). We’re huge fans.

More than that, though, we’ve been gushing about their latest collab, including some of San Francisco’s iconic brands (Smitten, Craftsmen & Wolves, and Ampersand).

Our fave being: Ampersand x Allbirds.

One of our favorite flower shops in the city, teaming up with our latest shoe obsession, all to create a monochromatic grey sneaker (a.k.a. an homage to Karl the Fog) accented in teal (to match the iconic teal Ampersand door). YES. YESSSSS. As one of our best friends would say, 1,000% YESSSSSSS.

In the spirit of all previous Brand to Know posts, á la the megaphone treatment, Allbirds is a brand we recommend keeping your eyes on 😉

<3 B+C

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3 responses to “BRAND TO KNOW: ALLBIRDS”

  1. Ej de Lara Avatar
    Ej de Lara

    These shoes are on fleek!

  2. Ricardo Dutkowiak Avatar

    You guys always look awesome in your photos! Can you please stahhp 😀 😀 Kidding! Love the outfits & the freaking blue wall!

    Cheers, Ricardo

  3. Jerad Michael Avatar

    so cute! and love the shoes 🙂