April 11, 2016

Men's spring style

and while we’re at it, socks above the ankle too.

Question: do we really think anyone notices when we wear the same outfit four days in a row? By the fourth day, if it’s a little smelly, just spray on more cologne and don’t hug anyone, right?

RIGHT/ ew, actually no, oh goodness, NO, NO, NO, but who cares.

Over the course of the past two weeks alone, we’ve been pairing every “short” short we own with
hi-top sneakers and socks above the ankle solely because we have this idea that (somehow) looking like we’re 12 years old is trendy.


SUPER trendy.

Paired with a fitted tee to prove that we do, in fact, have broader shoulders than a 12-year old, the outfit’s been our go-to for Spring. All like, don’t ask us about our age — that’s just so rude — don’t we look like young lads?

Which, as we think about it, who even says “young lads?” We’re rambling.

The best “short” shorts we’ve found (5-7 inch inseam) this Spring have been from Club Monaco, American Apparel and Frank & Oak.


The best hi-tops, obviously, from Converse and Vans. BUT, also we’re ALL ABOUT these Dr. Martens hi-top, monotone sand-colored boots.


<3 B+C

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