New Barneys men's store in San Francisco

Perhaps a step too far, claiming our religion exists in the hallowed halls of retail, BUT, don’t judge, Judge Judy. We hold the following to be true: Barneys is our happy place.

For each of us, our love for Barneys began at different times. Brock was basically born with style, and hence educated in the notion that, at Barneys, anything is possible.

Chris, on the other hand, once figured all was well with a faux hawk, an electric green plaid shirt tucked into dark rinse jeans tucked into worn leather boots, circa 2010. And with that, never knew what Barneys was until 2011, when we both met. A lucky day for one of us, no doubt.

Two weeks ago, we were invited to check out run around and scream throughout the new Barneys San Francisco men’s store (located at 2 Stockton St). Our consensus: the store is breathtaking. BREATHTAKING. GASP. WE CAN’T BREATHE. Our breath has been TAKEN.

Further to this point of taking our collective breath away, this store is one of Barneys’ firsts — their first mens-specific store. And with that, we’re all like this. This. And this.

The space itself is rather large- yet-curated, and in that way, incredibly surprising to see a men’s store given so much value and worth in San Francisco. Something we’ve been hoping for a LONG TIME, i.e. WHY HAS IT TAKEN SO LONG?! WHY HAS IT BEEN SO DIFFICULT FOR US TO SPEND ALL OF OUR MONEYS ON GREAT MEN’S CLOTHING IN SAN FRANCISCO? That’s a philosophical question.

But, let’s cut to the main point we’re here to state — the men’s shoe department is enormous. Enormous. And with that, we say: amen.

To see our entire experience at the new Barneys San Francisco men’s store, you can check out our visual diary featured on Barneys’ The Window! YAY.

Our religion is Barneys.

<3 B+C

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5 responses to “OUR RELIGION IS BARNEYS”

  1. Carter Murphy Avatar

    NEED that fringe jacket.

  2. Armen Atoyan Avatar
    Armen Atoyan

    Don’t forget the way Barneys smells. IDK what it is but they all have “that” same smell. Clove, new clothes, lux leather… who knows. But it’s amazing.

    Also, what camera lens is that?

  3. Takeabreak90s Avatar

    You are my inspiration, wearing comfy clothes yet looks so elegant.

    xoxo Takeabreak90s.com

  4. Takeabreak90s Avatar

    You are my inspiration, wearing comfy clothes yet looks so elegant.

    xoxo Takeabreak90s.com

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