March 17, 2016

Yummertime, pre-spring men's denim

i.e. we protest the proliferation of saggy butt jeans.
i.e. ALSO, we protest the proliferation of denim that feels like paper… hello, Forever 21.

The touch of good denim is akin to an angel’s touch, one thousand retail-therapy angels all singing down from heaven, chorusing the verse, “You deserve these jeans! YOU DESERVE THESE JEANS. Buy them now.” Begging the question: who are we to disobey an angel’s command?! Exactly. We are NO ONE.

The 411: we’re huge fans of Club Monaco denim, amongst also the likes of vintage Levi’s, Marc Jacobs, J.Crew selvedge, and smaller denim labels like BLUE INDIGO.

The weight of the fabric. The dyes and hues. The stitching and lack thereof on the pocket detailing. The fact that their (Club Monaco) jeans fit so tightly, they make our butts look 1,890,971 times better than they actually are.


Club Monaco jeans are NOT saggy butt jeans, and thus, we spend all of our moneys on them, much to the detriment of our “Retire at age 26” savings fund, which actually only exists as an infinite supply of monopoly money in our imaginations.

Not to mention, Club came out with THIS zip-up denim shirt for Spring ’16. Ugh, someone stop us.

<3 B+C

Club Monaco men's denim shirt jacketClub Monaco men's denim for springClub Monaco men's denim shirtMen's pre-spring style

Chris: Shirt Club Monaco / Jeans Levi’s / Shoes Frank & Oak / Sunglasses Ray-Ban

Brock: Tee J.Crew / Jeans Club Monaco / Shoes Tommy Hilfiger / Sunglasses Ray-Ban


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