February 18, 2016

Yummertime, varsity inspired looks for spring

“Stylish,” herein judged by us and us alone — meaning, we think we’re stylish, so don’t try to bring us down!

We look like we’re skipping “1st Period” to hang out behind the cafeteria, right by the dumpsters, all like, “What’s that smell? Ew. No, really, what’s that smell? Whatever. Let’s make out.”

We’re very into the idea of trying to look like a jock and rebel, almost like there could be an underlying complex built up from our teenage years… pimples, baby fat, and all. Complexes aside, we’re advocates of the notion that everyone deserves a really good moto jacket, and therefore should embrace a rebellious attitude, all like, “NO, I WILL NOT CLEAN MY ROOM.”


Summary: the “varsity” vs. “rebels against varsity” theme is very stylish to us. Very stylish. Only because we’re trying to justify multiple outfit repeats from here on out for the next month or so. OHHHHHH, you’re trying to look like a jock again… YES. YES, I AM.


Yummertime, men's looks for spring

Yummertime, high school inspired looks for springYummertime, men's varsity inspired looksYummertime, best leather jackets for men


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