February 15, 2016

Yummertime New York Men's Fashion Week Re-cap

First and foremost, always wear deodorant — as soon as the lights turn on in any show, it’s as if you’re thrust into an enormous communal sauna, wondering altogether why the [hellvetica] you wore a leather, sherpa jacket, and whether or not everyone around can smell you.

Do they like it? Do they hate it? We’ll call it ‘au de Yummertime,’ a sensual musk.

Secondly, respect your bladder — meaning, make sure to pee before any show; not doing so can only result in ten minutes of blinding lights, loud music, and a screaming bladder that seems to only say, “I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU.”

Thirdly, understand the importance of hot dogsthose little sausages wrapped up in buns really kept us going throughout the week, especially when the concept of ‘free time’ was as whimsical a notion as Chris Brown ever truly making a comeback — though, we do love Loyal.

Life lessons aside, the entirety of NYFW:M with East Dane was an exciting one for us — our first men’s fashion week + a huge excuse to go on five shopping shopping sprees in the span of five days leading up to our flight to NYC. SO EXCITING. THRILLING. EVERYTHING THAT WE WANT IN LYFE.

Speaking of East Dane, here are some of our current favs:



We ran around from show to show, primarily spotlighting the collections from Robert GellerOvadia & SonsBilly ReidTimo Weiland (OUR FAVORITE), and Todd Snyder. You can see our favorite pieces from each collection below 🙂 We don’t know much about the esoteric world of “fashunz, but we do know we like clothes, and these clothez… we’re obsessed with them.


Robert Geller New York Men's Fashion WeekOvadia & Sons New York Men's Fashion WeekBilly Reid New York Men's Fashion WeekTimo Weiland New York Men's Fashion WeekTodd Snyder New York Men's Fashion Week

In partnership with East Dane for NYFW:M.


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  • Carter Murphy March 2, 2016 at 2:53 pm

    That brown topcoat is amazing.