Men's Fashion Week New York, Yummertime and East Dane

As if we needed any reason to throw a party for just the two of us, we spent the larger part of yesterday drinking wine, eating take-out Chinese, and packing up our entire apartment into two suitcases, two carry-ons, and two backpacks, all to say, WE’RE GOING TO MEN’S FASHION WEEK, BETCHES.

But, we shouldn’t be so crude. It’s more refined to say, WE’RE ATTENDING MEN’S FASHION WEEK, BETCHES. Much better.

Working with East Dane to recap NYFW:M, we’re aiming to have the week pan out like this, where we run around the city, hands held tightly, skipping and singing our way into the shows and presentations (some of our favs being: Robert Geller, Todd Snyder, Ovadia and Sons, Billy Reid, and Timo Weiland). Whether or not people appreciate such glee is up for debate — fashion people can be so hard to please, you know?

Regardless, here’s what we’re packing for the week, a.k.a. fact: we bought Marvis whitening toothpaste solely for NYFW:M. WE CAN’T HAVE YELLOW TEETH.

Let’s start with grooming on-the-go. Meaning, we dumped our entire bathroom’s medicine cabinet into a bag and Brock said, “okay, DONE; did you order the Chinese yet?” And Chris was all like, “yeah, our usual order, right? Sweet and sour pork, szechwan beef, chicken chow mein, fried rice, rice for two, more rice, six steamed BBQ pork buns and a couple wantons. They better give us two fortune cookies this time.”

As for the rest of our packing, we opted for clothes that say, “hi, we’re from California and we don’t know what ‘below 40 degrees Fahrenheit’ feels like. Do we need layers? Or is this thin black denim jacket from Ovadia and Sons appropriate enough? Was there, like, a blizzard last week or something? We heard something about some Jonas showing up…

Layers or not, it’s also important to note, we wouldn’t be caught dead without the following while traveling: headphones to listen to Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry; these sunglasses to tune out the world when we’re definitely probably hungover every day…; and a ruby red leather backpack that begs for way too much attention/ we’re totally fine with that.

New York Fashion Week: Men’s, here we come. East Dane, are you ready for us?!

<3 B+C

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The BIGGEST thank you to East Dane for partnering up with us for this post.




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  1. ChasingKendall Avatar

    Have fun cuties!!! Its going to be unreal! Can’t wait to catchup when were both back :-*