January 8, 2016

Chris, of Yummertime, in Maison Labiche tee

We’ll have you believe, not all ignorance is bliss, but rather, all seasonal ignorance of the wintry kind is sublime. This is to say, we hate Winter. And just like every time we hear the phrase, “I hate cats,” from a random stranger, we become experts in the art of ignoring.

All like, if we want to wear a tee amidst frigid, 40-degree Fahrenheit temperatures, damnit, WE WILL. No one can stop us.

Regardless of the debate of the 21st century, “should I wear a tee or a sweater today?,” the fact remains, there is a rebellious movement, one that exists only in our heads, to protest the encroachment of Winter in all its forms.

Stop Winter, we say.

We’re asking for 1,900,500 signatures and a lifetime supply of Taco Bell to fund this effort.

Should you agree with us, you’ll understand it’s still ever-important to juggle between buying t-shirts and sweaters, should the effort to halt Winter prove futile.



But, we guess, even these sweaters are cute. We guess.



Stop Winter, we say!

<3 B+C

Brock, of Yummertime, in men's red sweaterChris, of Yummertime, wearing casual winter selectsChris, of Yummertime, wearing Bluer than Indigo denimBrock, of Yummertime, wearing casual winter selectsBrock, of Yummertime, wearing red suede Converse


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