January 26, 2016

Yummertime selects best boots for men

A wise man once said, the more boots you have, the happier you are; we don’t know who said that, but someone probably did, and in that case, we appreciate their wisdom. A pair of chelsea boots have been in our MR PORTER cart for weeks.

Mountain boots are everywhere. Chelsea boots. Combat boots. Rain boots. Even cowboy boots. Which begs the realization, maybe we need to grow up and out of our sneaker ways and into a more mature sense of style, all like, these boots were made for walking over all the haters. Maturity at its best, surely.

Point being, we need boots. We have these Chippewa boots. And we have two pairs of these Eastland boots. But, the list ends there. We’re practically bootless.


Our only problem is the fact that you can’t really get away with any sense of, “Oh, yeah, I’m, like, totally relaxed right now and just chillin‘, you know?” when wearing boots. Boots mean business. A profound statement, indeed.

Boots, boots, boots, boots.

Happy Shoesday these are the best mens boots ;P


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