December 15, 2015

Chris, of Yummertime, at Drai's Beach Club at The Cromwell Las Vegas

Three things happen to us every time we’re in Vegas:

  1. We somehow end up watching Law & Order,
  2. Brock loses ALL of our gambling money, then wins it all back, YAY,
  3. and Chris falls on his back.

The last, of which, took an unexpected turn (a week ago) when Chris thought it wise to jump onto the booths of the VIP section at Drai’s Nightclub during a Nicki Minaj song, only to not even come close to clearing the hurdle.

So sad.

The Cromwell, a boutique hotel from Caesar’s, invited us out for a weekend of revelry, and tbh, we’re not sure they knew what was in store in doing so, a.k.a. our phrase of choice, “I’m a little thirsty. Could I have more wine, please?” Very polite, always.

If you haven’t yet been, we’ll summarize The Cromwell. One part gentleman’s parlor, one part Yummertime beach club, complete with pools, palms and PINK cushions and lounges. PINK.

Other features of note: the casino smells of cologne and not smoke (think Abercrombie versus a hookah lounge, HURRAH!), The Cromwell’s Bound Bar serves a breakfast martini with orange marmalade, Giada has her ONLY restaurant in the entire world on the second floor of the hotel, AND the mirrors in the shower are two-way, meaning, oooooooooohhh lala.

We also took a mini-trip out to the Official Neon Museum, Las Vegas, wore suits, and made a fashion shoot out of it all. We’re ridiculous.

Here are some snaps from our adventures 😀

<3 B+C

Yummertime, at Drai's Beach Club at The CromwellBrock, of Yummertime, at Drai's Beach Club at The Cromwell Las VegasBrock and Chris, of Yummertime, at The Neon Museum, Las VegasBrock, of Yummertime, at The Neon Museum in Las VegasChris, of Yummertime, at The Neon Museum in Las VegasYummertime The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada


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