December 10, 2015

Yummertime selects the best winter coats from Nordstrom and Asos

A beautiful moment occurs the instant you rescue your shoulders from the severity of a lonely life and place, on them, a soft, fluffy, weighted coat. Almost instantly, a glowing light shines down from above in the fitting room, fluorescent yellow, and a voice whispers in your ear, “you deserve this jacket.”

If that hasn’t ever happened to you, we highly suggest you drink four shots of espresso the next time you try on a coat in the fitting room at Nordstrom. Happens for us every time.

We sifted through both Nordstrom and ASOS to find the best winter coats and share with the world, being the good samaritans that we are. Seriously, though, it took us an entire hour this morning…

Up first, from Nordstrom, here’s what we need, a.k.a. our moms, if you’re reading this, take note:


Next up, from ASOS, here’s what we also need. Suede, bombers, and lots and lots and lots of denim:


This could either be classified as “the best winter coats to buy from Nordstrom and ASOS” or “the wish-list of two boys who have a severe shopping addiction, need to be stopped, and could also use a little more water instead of espresso in their life.”


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