East Dane Men's Holiday Sale up to 25% offShopping is akin to religion for us. Consider it an ailment of being 25 and fiscally irresponsible, a.k.a. we pay homage to the goddess named, “25% OFF.” And if you’re reading this, we hope we’re in this together, you + us.

We squeeze our wallets like wearing a favorite pair of skinny jeans on a first date after having Taco Bell for lunch. Or Kim Kardashian in any dress she owns.

As if East Dane was reading our minds, they just let out The Big One — not flatulence — their huge holiday sale until 11:59pm PST on November 30th (from 15% on $250 to 25% on $1,000).

When we found out about the sale this morning, we were all like this. This. And this.

Being the good samaritans that we are, here are our top five picks from East Dane’s sale.

  1. SHOESSSSS: a.k.a. we’re finding every way to justify buying a pair of Chelsea boots to look like we’re former cast members of Gossip Girl.
  2. BAGS, we love BAGS: enough said. Here they are.
  3. MASTER & DYNAMIC HEADPHONES: aside from multiple types of headphones being on sale, this pair of Master & Dynamic headphones are our absolute favorite (based on how they look + how they sound + how comfy they fit on Chris’s tiny little ears. They’re so tiny if you’ve never noticed).
  4. CUFFS, always: we prefer diamond studded, yes, but these will do.
  5. TACOPEDIA: an entire encyclopedia on the history and trajectory of tacos in modern culture from Phaidon. WHO CAME UP WITH THIS?! WE NEED TO KISS THEM. HUG THEM. POLYGAMOUSLY MARRY THEM.

<3 B+C


FYI brand exclusions may apply.