November 25, 2015

Brock, of Yummertime, in red men's coat

Just like those moments where, somehow, someway, we’re naturally inclined to crave a bottle of Ranch, we’ve come to the conclusion that we also crave wearing the color red (sometimes). Totally the same thing.

It’s essentially a feeling of, “Oh, you know… I’m wearing all white and light colors, but, wait… what is that?… BAM BAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM there’s a pop of color,” wherein the pop of red represents our desire to tell the world that we’re cool with taking risks, but, like, only small ones.

We’re risk takers.

But, risk takers only in the way that we like a cherry, merry red and not anything drab, i.e. the more it looks like wine, the more we wonder why we’re not drinking a glass (ugh, you should have seen us at the ‘hours of indulgence‘ at WestHouse Hotel. So much wine. SO MUCH).

All of this is to say, we think we should buy red beanies now. S’cute. Regardless, we keep wearing red like red Starbucks cups 😛

<3 B+C

Chris, of Yummertime, in vintage sweatshirtChris, of Yummertime, in Levi's 501 CTBrock, of Yummertime, in J.Crew jeansBrock, of Yummertime, in red coatChris, of Yummertime, in destroyed jeans


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