We’ve taken note. A graphic sweatshirt is a step above a graphic tee, in the same way kittens are clearly a step above puppies (which is absolutely not up for subjective debate). We’ve also noticed we talk about 1) kittens, 2) pizza, and 3) eating anything in general more often than we talk about our families, which, might be telling of who we are as human beings. Regardless, we stumbled upon these sweatshirts from Rad. and INSTANTLY fell deeply, madly in love. Dare we admit, we now wear and sleep in these sweatshirts day in and day out. No, that’s a lie. We wouldn’t dare wrinkle them while we sleep + there are added benefits to sleeping in the nude, but we won’t get into that.

Here are some of our favorite sweatshirt selects from the Internets:

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