October 12, 2015

Yummertime San Francisco Best Breakfast Restaurants, The Cavalier(+ we’re giving away $100, on our own, for any OpenTable restaurant at the end of this post ?)

We’ve spent the past two days running around San Francisco, eating our way through our favorite restaurants in the city, all to declare if we had 48 Hours in San Francisco, Here’s Where We’d Eat.

Nine times out of ten, whenever someone asks us what Yummertime is, they question, “Oh my gourd, I TOTALLY GET IT, you’re a food blog,” to which we reply, “BACK OFF BETCH, no, we’re not!” Which, we’re totally kidding, we’d never say “back off betch;” lately, we’ve just been wanting to be sassier.

But, over 48 hours, we took over OpenTable’s Instagram, ate almost every single hour, and experienced a state of euphoria known only by those who eat for a living. THE DREAM.

Here’s where we ate:

Yummertime San Francisco Best Restaurants, AatxeDINNER AT AATXE
Basque tapas and gin-forward cocktails, we basically ate for twelve to twenty — depending on who you are, twelve Chris and Brocks, or twenty starving, but no less determined, supermodels. We ordered the Charred Octopus, Crispy Pork Trotters and Patatas Bravas, among so many others. It was easily the restaurant with the richest flavor profiles on this list.

Yummertime San Francisco Best Bakery, Thorough BreadCOFFEE AT THOROUGH BREAD & PASTRY
Without the lines of Tartine or Mr. Holmes, Thorough Bread is, hands down, always our favorite bakery and cafe in the city. THOSE ALMOND CROISSANTS.

Yummertime San Francisco Best Brunch Restaurants, Foreign CinemaBRUNCH AT FOREIGN CINEMA
Nothing can compete with a brunch out on a garden patio. Not to mention, we sucked down those oysters so fast, the waiter was able to use an ‘aw, shucks,’ pun on us… UGH

Yummertime San Francisco Best Restaurants, Al's PlaceDINNER AT AL’S PLACE
Four words: pickle brined french fries. We opted for the “Family Style” option on the menu — see, the recurring theme of eating our weight in food for every meal? Where the grits and tonnarelli pasta were INCREDIBLE, nothing compares to those french fries…

Yummertime San Francisco Best Restaurant for Breakfast, The CavalierBREAKFAST AT THE CAVALIER
Dare we admit our embarrassing next statement: The Cavalier is easily the most Instagrammable restaurant on this list. AND WE LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. OH MY GOURD. Enormous, south-facing windows, walls painted the prettiest blue, marble torches and white stoneware. Everything was just egg-cellent. Get it?! GET IT?! Because we had breakfast there.

Yummertime Best Pizza in San Francisco, Pizzeria DelfinaLUNCH AT PIZZERIA DELFINA
In no way could we complete a 48 Hours in San Francisco, Here’s Where We’d Eat list without including pizza. The savior to our chaotic world, Delfina pizza gives us hope. Per our usual routine, we ordered a few boxes, just for the two of us, and headed over to Dolores Park to partake in our feast…

Yummertime best Restaurants in San Francisco, Zuni CafeDINNER AT ZUNI
Last, but never least, we finished off our 48 hours with Zuni Cafe, opting to devour an entire chicken. Repeat: an entire chicken. 

Here are the details to our $100 OpenTable gift card giveaway, on us (yes, us. Not OpenTable. Our own money, because we love you).

The rules are as easy as pizza:
1. Dance in your underwear to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
2. Kidding about #1; that’s just what we’re doing right now
5. Comment below with your name, twitter handle, and your favorite restaurant EVER ever ever ever. Ever.
We’ll tweet and comment back at the winner on Friday, 10/16, at noon PST. This means you should probably follow us on Twitter?

(No Twitter? No problem. Still comment below with your name and favorite restaurant!)

The winner will be chosen at random. ✨✨ Contest closed, congratulations, Kyle! ✨✨

Good luck!


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