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Yummertime San Francisco Best Breakfast Restaurants, The Cavalier(+ we’re giving away $100, on our own, for any OpenTable restaurant at the end of this post ?)

We’ve spent the past two days running around San Francisco, eating our way through our favorite restaurants in the city, all to declare if we had 48 Hours in San Francisco, Here’s Where We’d Eat.

Nine times out of ten, whenever someone asks us what Yummertime is, they question, “Oh my gourd, I TOTALLY GET IT, you’re a food blog,” to which we reply, “BACK OFF BETCH, no, we’re not!” Which, we’re totally kidding, we’d never say “back off betch;” lately, we’ve just been wanting to be sassier.

But, over 48 hours, we took over OpenTable’s Instagram, ate almost every single hour, and experienced a state of euphoria known only by those who eat for a living. THE DREAM.

Here’s where we ate:

Yummertime San Francisco Best Restaurants, AatxeDINNER AT AATXE
Basque tapas and gin-forward cocktails, we basically ate for twelve to twenty — depending on who you are, twelve Chris and Brocks, or twenty starving, but no less determined, supermodels. We ordered the Charred Octopus, Crispy Pork Trotters and Patatas Bravas, among so many others. It was easily the restaurant with the richest flavor profiles on this list.

Yummertime San Francisco Best Bakery, Thorough BreadCOFFEE AT THOROUGH BREAD & PASTRY
Without the lines of Tartine or Mr. Holmes, Thorough Bread is, hands down, always our favorite bakery and cafe in the city. THOSE ALMOND CROISSANTS.

Yummertime San Francisco Best Brunch Restaurants, Foreign CinemaBRUNCH AT FOREIGN CINEMA
Nothing can compete with a brunch out on a garden patio. Not to mention, we sucked down those oysters so fast, the waiter was able to use an ‘aw, shucks,’ pun on us… UGH

Yummertime San Francisco Best Restaurants, Al's PlaceDINNER AT AL’S PLACE
Four words: pickle brined french fries. We opted for the “Family Style” option on the menu — see, the recurring theme of eating our weight in food for every meal? Where the grits and tonnarelli pasta were INCREDIBLE, nothing compares to those french fries…

Yummertime San Francisco Best Restaurant for Breakfast, The CavalierBREAKFAST AT THE CAVALIER
Dare we admit our embarrassing next statement: The Cavalier is easily the most Instagrammable restaurant on this list. AND WE LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. OH MY GOURD. Enormous, south-facing windows, walls painted the prettiest blue, marble torches and white stoneware. Everything was just egg-cellent. Get it?! GET IT?! Because we had breakfast there.

Yummertime Best Pizza in San Francisco, Pizzeria DelfinaLUNCH AT PIZZERIA DELFINA
In no way could we complete a 48 Hours in San Francisco, Here’s Where We’d Eat list without including pizza. The savior to our chaotic world, Delfina pizza gives us hope. Per our usual routine, we ordered a few boxes, just for the two of us, and headed over to Dolores Park to partake in our feast…

Yummertime best Restaurants in San Francisco, Zuni CafeDINNER AT ZUNI
Last, but never least, we finished off our 48 hours with Zuni Cafe, opting to devour an entire chicken. Repeat: an entire chicken. 

Here are the details to our $100 OpenTable gift card giveaway, on us (yes, us. Not OpenTable. Our own money, because we love you).

The rules are as easy as pizza:
1. Dance in your underwear to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
2. Kidding about #1; that’s just what we’re doing right now
5. Comment below with your name, twitter handle, and your favorite restaurant EVER ever ever ever. Ever.
We’ll tweet and comment back at the winner on Friday, 10/16, at noon PST. This means you should probably follow us on Twitter?

(No Twitter? No problem. Still comment below with your name and favorite restaurant!)

The winner will be chosen at random. ✨✨ Contest closed, congratulations, Kyle! ✨✨

Good luck!




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  1. Steve Avatar

    Yessssss! Envious of your 48 hours of fun!

    Favorite restaurant ever, ever would be Boka in Chicago. So amazing! And good memories.

    In SF( new to sf, need more recommendations) it would be Starbelly, love the patio and drinks. 😛 Wanting to try Aatxe!
    Insta- @ski_steve

  2. Pat Sandora Avatar

    My favorite restaurant in Buffalo, NY is Buffalo Proper. Delicious, shareable food and amazing cocktails!
    – Pat Sandora-Nastyn @patsandora

  3. Jake Avatar

    ugh your 48 hours in san fran looks so delectable! #jealous
    my absolute favorite restaurant is “greenhouse tavern” in cleveland – modern takes on rustbelt classics.


  4. Kyle Legg Avatar

    My favorite restaurant ever… wait. No. THE BEST RESTAURANT EVER, is Luigi’s in Bakersfield, CA. This is not a joke. Even JFK said it was his fav in California. I will make a clean trade of $100 worth of Luigi’s bolognese sauce for the card ? But really, go there next time you are driving down south. Only open Tues-Sat from 10:30a–2:30p.

    I loved your guys’ Open Table takeover. Hope to see more takeovers soon!

    Kyle / twitter: @kleggy / ig: @kylelegg

    1. Yummertime Avatar

      Oh my gourd, Kyle, YOU WON! AHHHHHHHHHH. Will you email us at so we can get your $100 OpenTable gift certificate to you? AHHHHH!!!!! ? ? ✨ ✨ ? ?

  5. brnee Avatar

    My favorite restaurant ever [ yes, forever ever. is Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen in Kirkland, WA. I can’t recall a place where every plate served gave a mouthgasm.

    Bernardo / @brnee

  6. Stuart Yurczyk Avatar
    Stuart Yurczyk

    My favorite place to eat, ESPECIALLY for breakfast, is at Fat Nat’s Eggs in New Hope, MN. I’ve never been to a place that ALWAYS has a line like Nat’s! But it’s always worth the wait. It’s also my favorite place to eat, because I always go there with my sweet boy, and everywhere we go together is the best ever c:

  7. Sean at Brit + Co Avatar
    Sean at Brit + Co

    How could I ever choose just one place?! Here’s a handful because I’m very gluttonous:

    SF/Bay Area:
    – Hops & Hominy (cheddar cheese grits with bacon, enough said)
    – Little Skillet (irresistible chicken + waffles!)
    – Hecho (literally the entire food + cocktail menu)
    – Sol Food (THE best Puerto Rican food in the Bay. Must tries: the plantains, the bistec sandwich + the orange mango iced tea)

    Sarasota, FL:
    – Station 400 (THE best BLT because it has fried green tomatoes!)

    Orlando, FL:
    – 4 Rivers (Cafeteria style BBQ spot that doesn’t have a miss on the menu. The burnt ends are #1 though!)

    Sean Griffis — @sean_griffis

    Great, now I’m hungry and I just had lunch.

  8. Daniel Yu Avatar
    Daniel Yu

    Daniel Yu (@mrdanielyu)

    Favorite restaurant? Probably “Van Kahvalti Evi” in Istanbul (it’s faaaaarr, I know). They have the most AMAZING brunch. I’d really recommend going with a bunch of friends and ordering a bunch of different dishes.

  9. Ben Crough Avatar
    Ben Crough

    Ben Crough Twit (@bencrough) Insta- (@bcrough)

    Balthazar, Perth Western Australia has the most amazing wine selection to accompany their food. Lick the plate goodness….

  10. Nina Yang Avatar
    Nina Yang

    Nina Yang.

    Currently my favorite restaurant is Nico. $55 for a 5 course prix fix menu! It’s amazing!

  11. Chris Avatar

    My favorite restaurant in SF is State Bird Provisions. Definitely worth the multiple times I’ve made reservations using OpenTable at 12:00 AM.

    Christopher Chung (@pianistic)

  12. Katie Lin Avatar
    Katie Lin

    Hi my name is Katie, @katiemarielin, and my favorite restaurant is Tender Greens, holla at yo gurl!

  13. Josh Kahler Avatar
    Josh Kahler

    Josh, the Haven Gastro-pub in Orange, Ca! I also happen to live right next to it! Yey!

  14. Alejandro Carreras Avatar
    Alejandro Carreras

    Alejandro, @twoplanerides, and I ADORE Maison Kayser in NYC.

  15. Kale Feeter Avatar
    Kale Feeter

    Hi Boys! I’m such a huge fan and I wish that I could be just like you! ummmmm I would have to say that my fav restaurant of alLLlllLl time is prob Taco Bell. Its this super underground Mexican Meca. My name is Kale Feeter and my twitter handle is @kalefeeter. Fingers crossed that you choose me and also that we can be best friends forever and ever.<3 <3 ps/// duhh I'm going to follow you on Twitter (insert sassy emoji here!)

  16. Ayari Avatar

    Ayari, @ayarir, it must be Cacio e Pepe in NYC, tiny but lovely ?

  17. Jennifer Soong Avatar
    Jennifer Soong

    Jennifer, @jenscomments, and ultimate favorite?!?! how does one decide?? outerlands and alinea

  18. roguesun Avatar

    Michael K. Kinkai in Toyotama, Japan

  19. Aleda Avatar

    Your OpenTable takeover was fab. Thanks for sharing your tasty travels. My name is Aleda, @aledapickle. It’s too hard to choose just one favorite…in my hometown of Seattle, WA, we always love Spinasse. Portland, Oregon’s Le Pigeon takes velry close second. Keep sharing great eats!!

  20. Jesus Gogo Avatar
    Jesus Gogo

    Ugh, my favorite restaurant ever is a teeny tiny Mexican restaurant named El Kiosco. It’s in my hometown Rialto, California and I haven’t been there in so long. My sister and I would go there and order albondigas soup (meatball soup), we each chose our own dinner specials because it came with the most food, ate it all, then complain that we were so full the food would seep out of our bellybuttons.


  21. koalaty Avatar

    Restaurant Mark Greenaway in Edinburgh – Nancy @NancyH49443615

  22. ehsumner Avatar

    Mmm. Now I’m starving after this post! My favorite, bestest, BFF’s restaurant is Linger in Denver. It’s an old mortuary that now serves street food from all over the world.

    Emily S.

  23. Christine Avatar

    Fave restaurant ever is Cafe Laguna in Cebu City, Philippines. It is a Cebuano institution serving the best homemade Filipino dishes. I eat there every time I go back to Cebu (which is once a year). I’ve been a loyal customer even before the word ‘foodie’ was invented.


  24. Jennifer Chen Avatar
    Jennifer Chen

    Alinea in Chicago and state bird provisions in SF! -Jennifer @gummyfer

  25. Jamie Avatar

    This family-owned Austrian place called Jorg’s Cafe Vienna in Plano, Texas! – Jamie @jamienrutter

  26. discoPINKlemonade Avatar

    “No Twitter” Jessica lol and my FAVE restos are those with endless supplies of meat! *meat sweats* and one of those to be mentioned is Fogo de Chao! With delicious cocktails such as the infamous caipirinha and tender main dishes, everything comes just when you need it and the sides are nothing to scoff about either!!!

  27. Michael Stein Avatar
    Michael Stein

    My favorite ever ever ever has already been mentioned here, but its Sol Food in San Rafael. SO easy to get to, and I don’t think I’ve ever walked…I’m usually ROLLED out with a sever food coma. Its so good, and a note for the two of you–the inside is AMAZINGLY colorful, and the entire outside is a bright Lime Green–a perfect spot for one of your amazing photo shoots. You should absolutely go and take photos and then stuff your faces! My name is Michael and my twittter handle is @theBigGelsie

  28. LordRiver Avatar

    Hey guys! My name is River Demetri!
    My all time favorite restaurant would have to be Jack’s Wife Freda located in New York City. I recently moved to NYC to attend school and coming from a small town in NC, I’ve wanted to find a place that was comforting and felt like home. Every time you enter the restaurant you are greeting with smiles and kindness. Of course the food is delicious! Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast is a must!

    Twitter: RiverDemetri_

  29. Andrew V Avatar
    Andrew V

    El Zarape in Sandy Eggo, CA. (Get it) Three words: Teriyaki. Carne. Asada

    Twitter: drew_ca

  30. Stephanie Sosa Avatar
    Stephanie Sosa

    Stephanie Sosa. Twitter handle: @stephsosa

    Favorite restaurant: Atelier Creen in SF. Yup, all those $$$$ signs are worth it. Those buttery dishes corresponding with a line in a poem make my mouth water every time. (Excuse me while I drool)

    1. Michael Stein Avatar
      Michael Stein

      Atelier Cren is AMAZING. Have you been to Petit Cren? It opened just recently and I was at the opening night, and Domenique makes the most amazing food in a much more casual environment. You should go and so should the Yummertime boys!

  31. Jonathan Yu Avatar
    Jonathan Yu

    Jonathan Yu (@BrazenHussy2011)

    Damn we need to get some Chinese food up in here! Take a little hop over the Pacific Ocean and land in Hong Kong’s Central District where Yung Kee Restaurant has been serving up its signature Roasted Goose for more than half a century (even my grandmother frequented this joint in her day!). And if you’re feeling adventurous and not of the faint of stomach, try the thousand-year-old egg (basically fermented goose egg). You have to wait in line and basically hover over the occupied table you want, but that’s part of the experience! You win some, and you dim sum. Happy eating!

  32. Julia Martin Avatar
    Julia Martin

    Julia Martin

    (BTW, this is the equivalent of TORTURE — picking one single restaurant?!)
    Favorite Restaurant Ever: I’d have to say for an overall classic, North Beach Restaurant in SF. Been going there since the old days…it’s authentic and they are the real OG’s of Italian food. MUST try the Pasta de la Cassa (melts in your mouth) and the Spider Potatoes (not on the menu, but request to have the chef make them).

  33. Leah Avatar

    Leah Gibson


    St. Peter Stiftskeller in Salzburg. Karl approves!

  34. Ray Vazquez Avatar
    Ray Vazquez

    My current obsession is with Fang in SOMA. Them Soup Dumplings tho…