August 7, 2015

SKYLINE_1The best way to wear stripes is always. No, that’s a lie. You can’t wear stripes always. We wouldn’t wear stripes always. BUT, we have been wearing stripes a lot more lately. And so, in that train of thought, the best way to wear stripes is “a lot more lately.” Makes no sense, but then again, it totally makes sense.

They’re our new neutral, our new kind of “basic.” Tucked in with a pair of pastel chinos or thrown over a pair of destroyed denim, to be all like, “Yeah, bro, I’m preppy, but I’m like, also hip, because ripped jeans are totally fire nowadays.”

Better yet, “Bro, those stripes are TIGHT. No, really. They’re tight, the distance between each stripe is super small.”

Regardless, they have an ease about them. And in that way, they feel incredibly fresh, if not a little swanky in the way that reliable friends are the swankiest (dependability being the highest form of class, in addition to pairing gummie bears with a glass of wine), and you just totally get that. Stripes — our most reliable friend. They’re befitting wherever they’re placed. They’re the new neutral. (And if we’re ever concerned about the potentially widening effect of stripes, we’ll choose a stripe that goes against the norm, like this Kent & Curwin tee).

So, be honest with us… stripes are totally a neutral, yes or yes?



Chris: Tee Kent & Curwin / Chinos ASOS (similar) / Huaraches Chamula from Unionmade / Sunglasses Ray Ban

Brock: Shirt Sandro / Chinos Gap / Shoes Svensson (similar) / Sunglasses Dior (similar)


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