CALISTOGA_3Let’s make a pact. Kind of like a blood oath. Once you agree, you’re stuck. No turning back. Like, if you fail to comply, you’ll never have pizza again. Ever. Okay, that’s too harsh. But, let’s get to it — let’s make a pact.

Let’s start weekending together.

At the risk of sounding like an inspirational pin on Pinterest (preferably with a beautiful beachscape in Australia with the words “SEEK ADVENTURE ALWAYS” in sparkly, glittery, I’m-a-fifth-grader font), let’s take the extra effort to make every weekend some kind of adventure. No, yeah, we definitely sound like an inspirational, DIY, Bethany Mota-like pin. But that’s just it —

we should be going on more adventures together.

No, not literally. Like, hello, we totally know that we all don’t live near each other. But, “together” in the figurative sense. A.k.a. this is the most important social movement of our generation, a.k.a. yes, we can say that, a.k.a. we just did.

And so, in an effort to stay true to our blood oath, we drove up to Calistoga for the night, just this past Saturday, wining the whole way… GET IT? Wining? Not whining, but wining, as in, we went wine tasting? SO. FUNNY. Okay, nevermind.

We escaped for the weekend, with Chris outfitted in all black and a panama hat (when you have an idea for what you want to wear, never back down, even in 90 degree heat), and Brock in blue on blue on blue huarache sandals. We take monochrome too seriously. Or not seriously enough? Who knows.
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3 responses to “WEEKEND WITH US”

  1. Wibi Avatar

    Thank god I’ve found ur blog. Been trying to find a style blogger like DGManila that give tips on how to dress for a summer/warm weather. I live in a tropical island, so wearing heavy jackets and blazers to look stylish isn’t very pleasant :/ Can’t wait to read more from you guys.

    Hello from Bali island!


  2. Albert Avatar

    Wow that’s a nice spot for a photos! Love the minty color 🙂

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  3. Fauzi Putra Avatar

    Lookin’ fresh you guys! Love it so much and oh that Minty :)x
    ZII | http://www.dapperhipster.com